How to Install WordPress

The purpose of this tutorial it to teach you how to install WordPress directly from You will need to go there - to Scroll to the right. You will see a download button for the latest and most stable release of WordPress. Click this button. On the next page, choose your version, and save the file. Now go to where it was downloaded. Unzip the folder and extract the files.Now open the folder. You will now need to upload the entire WordPress folder to your server using an FTP manager of your choosing. Once the files have been uploaded, go to your site in your web browser. You will now see the message that you need to create a configuration file. This is simple to do, just click on the Create Configuration File Button. The next screen will give you a short list if information that you will need for your configuration file. You will need 1. Database name, 2. Database username, 3. Database password, 4. Database host, and 5. Table prefix (if you want to run more than one WordPress in a single database.). If you have this information, click the Let's Go button and continue.

Enter the information in the correct boxes on the following pages. You will need your MySQL username and password. When the boxes are filled in to your satisfaction, scroll down and click on Submit. On the next page, it will indicate you are ready to run the install now. Click on the button, and Run Install.

You are now at the famous five minute WordPress Installation Process. Fill in the information asked for, and if you wish to change it later it is simple to do. Under Site Title, give your blog a title. Enter a password twice, or one will generated for you. Add and double check your email. Click the button at the bottom to install WordPress.

The following screen will show Success! Click to Log in. Enter your username and the password you chose. You can check the Remember Me box to automatically log you in from now on. Click Log In. This is your admin panel where you can manage your blog and its settings. This is the end of this tutorial. You now know how to install WordPress directly from

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